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We offer short and long-term inventory services according to your needs at competitive rates. An inventory comprehensively documents a property and its contents, noting the condition of all items including:

  • structural items, such as doors and windows
  • decor and fittings, such as bath, shower and kitchen cabinets
  • furniture (if applicable)
  • pictures (if applicable)
  • Version number and date (for accurate record keeping)
  • A standard format for each room
  • Pages for check-in and check-out procedure
  • The condition of each item is always stated and for clarity, where there is a problem such as damage, this is italicised and highlighted
  • description of the condition of the garden and any outbuildings

At the time that the tenant moves in (‘checks-in’), we can if you wish, go through the inventory report with them, noting and revising any discrepancies in either content or condition of the items listed. Some agents prefer to do this themselves, or simply give the inventory to the tenant to check for themselves.

If we make the check-in, we take meter readings and ensure that the Check-In Report is agreed and signed by the tenant or their representatives. If, as a result of the check-in, the inventory needs to be amended, we will issue an updated copy of the inventory with a new version number.


The Check-Out Report is carried out at the end of a tenancy when the condition and contents of the property are noted together with respect to the Check-in Report and the final version of the inventory.

Again, as with check-ins, letting agents have varying procedural preferences. Some like to do the check-outs themselves, some prefer it to be done with the tenants present, while others give the tenants the option to be present or not. If Bristol Inventories makes the check-out, we compile a Check-out Report listing the changes and provide an updated copy of our previous inventory, if appropriate.

It is important to check-out the property as soon as the tenant vacates, so that there can be no dispute about any damage having occurred subsequently. We also take pictures as evidence of any change in the condition of the property and its contencts.

The Check-out report is the basis for most claims made by landlords. A claim is usually viewed more favourably by a Court of Law if the report on which it is based has been compiled by an disinterested third party such as an independent inventory clerk.

Additional Inventories Info
An inventory becomes a legal document when agreed and signed by the tenant and the landlord or their representatives.

Our inventory report is compiled to be practical and clear. It is comprehensive and easy to understand. We provide them as open Word documents, so you are free to update them yourself as you see fit. We can also update existing inventories.

If you are in Bristol or the local area and would like to see an example of one of our inventories, email us at The sample inventory will be in PDF format. (To avoid piracy)

If you are pleased with our work and would like to engage us, we tailor our provision to your requirements, incorporating those of our services and inventory features that will help your business to grow.